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Step-by-step process to quantify the value proposition of your product.

Extracted Disciplined Entrepreneurship by @BillAulet.

Find out more about the book on the website.

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⚡️ Problem

Your customers have a hard time seeing the value that your product delivers

💡 Solution

Quantify the value of your product (How much money/time does it save)

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🏃‍♀️ Steps

You need to know what your customer cares about the most Some might be price sensitive while others want to save as much time as possible etc. Make sure you know what that is for your target customer
Determine what your customer cares about the most as your value proposition needs to align with that
Determine the “as-is” state of how your customer solves the problem your product solves
Determine the “possible” state of what it could look like when they use your product
Outline the difference between “as-is” and “possible” at every step of the product lifecycle in the words of your customer
  • Example:
    • “my product” is 50% faster than “existing solution”
    • “my product” is 50% cheaper than “existing solution”
    • do “x” for $27 dollars instead of $100
Write it down 👇
Your quantified value prop
Run it by some customers to make sure it’s aligned with their top priority

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