Why we exist

We are a group of 4 long-term friends.

We have a combined 20 years of experience in high stress, fast-paced environments like VC-Startups and Finance Consulting for Big 4.

After years of 80 hour work-weeks and burning out, we've finally had enough.

We decided that there is a better way to build businesses, calmly and sustainably and in accordance with our Stoic virtues.

To do that, we strive to document, automate and delegate as much as possible to focus only on the high-leverage tasks that move the needle.

Calm Business OS is our way to help you run your business in the same calm and systemized way we build ours. In Public.

And we're not alone. Countless other Entrepreneurs like Arvid Kahl and the folks over at Calm Company Fund are doing the same.

We're all building calm and sustainable businesses based on these fundamental principles:

  • Profitability > Funding
  • "Customer-funded" > external capital
  • Staying calm > being calm
  • Documentation > Guessing
  • Automation > Manual Work
  • Iterative improvements > Disruption
  • Sellability > IPO

The only question is: Are you gonna join us?




Rudi is a Full-Stack dev with 6 years of experience working in early and growth stage startups, building and shipping features all day long




Xico is a marketer turned Data Engineer with several years of experience in concepting, building and launching ML-heavy systems for several consulting clients




Marco is a management consultant with 5 years of experience in restructing and valuation for a variety of clients from Startup to SMBs to mature companies




Stefan has been working as CTO in small Startups since founding his first company at the age of 20. He's helped build, launch and scale products to millions of users