✨ [Pricing] Nail your pricing with Lean pricing

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Lean process to find the best pricing for your product.

Inspired by this 👇 video by @SimonHoiberg.

Find out more about Simon on his website.

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⚡️ Problem

Your pricing is too low or you don’t know how to set it

💡 Solution

Use “Lean Pricing” to find your perfect pricing via experimentation

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🏃‍♀️ Steps

Start at a reasonable pricing point (a bit under your biggest competitor)
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Aim to increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU) by 5% per month by:
Lowering discount for annual plans (if you have one)
Getting more people to sign up for a monthly plan (note: tradeoff with retention)
Incentivize users to sign up for a higher tier
Adjusting the price difference between tiers
Adding a more expensive plan
Raising your prices overall
Monitor a decrease in signups / stagnation or user feedback about the pricing
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Stop raising your price for now and revisit this later as your product matures
Set up a spreadsheet to
Make sure you hit 5% ARPU
Calculate how much churn you’re willing to accept while still growing ARPU
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