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Step-by-step process and worksheet to brainstorm ideas and experiments to increase user activation.

Based on a case study by Segment.

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⚡️ Problem

Users don’t experience the value in your product within a specific time frame

💡 Solution

Increase activation by reducing time to value and increasing the number of users that exhibit desired behaviors

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🏃‍♀️ Steps

Open the worksheet you can find below
Review your personas and ideal customer profile
Identify Activation milestones
Make sure you have events/data for user behavior
Write down which actions users take that stick around
Ask yourself where users get stuck
Ideate how to increase desired behaviors
Write down ideas to reduce drop-off at the identified drop-off points
Write down how you can make the user see the product value sooner
Prioritize by impact
Triage based on Reach, Impact and Confidence
Prioritize by the highest score for all three
Set goals and KPIs
Set tangible goals how much you think the changes will increase activation.
Execute tests and implement changes
Ideally roll out to a part of your user base or to all your users if you only have a couple and set a timeframe
Check if the variation outperforms the baseline (significant improvement)
Optional: If you only rolled out to a subset of users, implement the changes globally if they result in a statistically significant improvement

🏆 Outcomes

[Worksheet] Activation improvements

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