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The North Star metrics is a single metric that represents your whole product strategy.

It should be a leading indicator of your product's success, in terms of business results AND customer value.

All your product decisions should tie into this metric and the 3-5 inputs that you think affect your north-star metric the most.

Useful concept for product strategy that @mike_heap_ won't stop talking about.

Extracted from a guide by Amplitude.

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⚡️ Problem

You want to capture and guide your whole product strategy in one clear metric

💡 Solution

Identify your North Star Metric and the 3-5 inputs that influence it the most

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🏃‍♀️ Steps

Define your north star

Define a metric that can guide your whole product strategy. It must:
express value (Why does it matter to customers)
represent vision and strategy (Your product and business are reflected in it)
be a leading indicator (”predict” future results)
be actionable (can be influenced by taking action)
be understandable (expressed in plain language)
not be a vanity metric (things that we feel good about but don’t actually drive results)
Your north star: Our North Star Metric is called X, which we define as Y.

Define your inputs

Define the inputs that influence your north star by:
Writing down common actions a user takes that help influence your north star metric
Writing down what you need to do as a company to make your north start a reality
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Make the metrics measurable
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Putting it together

Create a flowchart that maps your inputs, the metrics to measure the inputs and your north star
Drop it into 🏆 Outcomes
Revisit this process as you go and refine your north star, it’s likely to change in the early stages of your business

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