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Lean processes to identify and execute A/B tests to improve your product.

Inspired by an article by @julian.

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⚡️ Problem

You want to improve a metric like conversions using a strategic approach

💡 Solution

Use A/B tests to roll out statistically significant tests to improve you metric

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🏃‍♀️ Steps

Source A/B testing ideas

Source ideas by:
talking to the support/sales team (what objections do customers have)
surveying your users (which features do people love)
repurposing your best ads
looking at competitor sites
on-site behavior of customers
examining past a/b tests success/failures

Run A/B tests

Decide what you want to test and add it to the
[Worksheet] A/B test
Create a hypothesis in the
[Worksheet] A/B test
what you expect as the result of the test (e.g. Lift signup conversions by 5%)
Use an A/B testing tool (e.g Google Optimize) to show a variant to 50% of your traffic
Run test until you have statistical significance
Implement the change if your A/B testing tool reports a significant positive difference and you hit your hypothesis goal

🏆 Outcomes

[Worksheet] A/B test

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