✨ [Research] How to identify if you’re solving a critical problem

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The best products solve critical problems.

To make sure people will still use your product when times get tough and spending is cut, you should try to check as many of the boxes in this checklist as you can.

The checklist is inspired by a section in Zero To Sold by @arvidkahl.

Find more about Arvid on his Website.

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⚡️ Problem

We have found a problem during market research but don’t know if it’s critical. We want to assess if our potential product would be a vitamin or a painkiller

💡 Solution

Ask a series of questions about the problem that will make sure it’s critical

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🏃‍♀️ Steps

Sometimes we just want to complain but we don’t want to change our ways. Finding a critical problem is the most important step in the journey of a bootstrapped business. Products solving critical problems will be the last to be cancelled if things go south
Go through the following steps while asking if your problem is…
…painful (Ideal = Ignoring it causes a lower quality of life)
…a waste time and/or money (Ideal = wasteful)
…mandatory (Ideal = People would love to opt-out but can’t)
…occurring frequently and repeatedly (Ideal = People need to do it all the time)
taking too much time (Ideal = Takes a long time to solve every time the problem occurs)
solving it using their own system (Ideal = Cobbled together solutions exist)
Evaluate if you have a critical problem (checks all the boxes) or not and write down why or why not in 🏆 Outcomes

🏆 Outcomes

Are you solving a critical problem?
My answer

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