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Step-by-Step process to check and fix your on-page SEO ๐Ÿš€.

Extracted from this YouTube video๐Ÿ‘‡ by SEO legend JaumeRos6

Find more about Jaume on his Website.

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โšก๏ธ Problem

Ranking our articles on Google Search is hard

๐Ÿ’กย Solution

Make sure there are no issues with on-page SEO by running this checklist

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๐Ÿƒโ€โ™€๏ธย Steps


Open the site you want to analyze (e.g Ahrefs Example Article)
Pick your main keyword (e.g Affiliate Marketing)
Open SEO Minion on the site
notion image
Have at least one Heading (<h1>)
notion image
Make sure the Title (<h1>) includes main keyword
notion image
Make sure the Meta description includes main keyword
notion image
Make sure the Keyword is in the url (only itโ€™s easy to do as the impact is not huge)
notion image


Analyze competitors for your keyword and look at their angle, intent and how it can be improved, make sure that your content has something that makes it better than the competition
Write the best content (hire an expert if youโ€™re not an expert on the topic)
Have author pages to show that the person that created the article is an expert
notion image
Add external links to author pages for social proof
notion image
Make sure your content is scannable by creating proper structure
notion image
Use related keywords to fill up all the headings that make up your structure for example on Answer the Public
notion image
Include lists and bullet points for Scannability and better featured snippets
notion image

Internal Links

Make sure to include descriptive anchor texts (to tell google why weโ€™re using this link)
notion image
Make sure internal links are useful (donโ€™t force them for the sake of the link)
Include breadcrumbs (especially on e-commerce pages)
notion image

External Links

Link to helpful external resources to add credibility to your content
notion image
Make sure that sponsored links include the sponsored tag
notion image
Make sure no links are broken!

User Experience

Check your performance score on GTMetrix and make sure there are no mistakes that are easy to fix (like an uncompressed image)
notion image
If your score is not great, use the waterfall chart to look into performance issues
notion image
Make sure page experience is good in google search console (Page Experience, Web Vitals, Mobile Usability)
notion image


Make sure your images are unique and high quality
Make sure they donโ€™t kill your load speed and are compressed
Make sure to use descriptive names and alt tags


Make sure ads are not messing with your user experience
Make sure they donโ€™t make the performance of your website horrible (check in GTMetrix)

Structured Data

Add structured data to your website by following this guide

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