🤑 [Stripe] How to set up a customer portal to let customers edit their subscriptions

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Step-by-step guide showing how to create a customer portal that let's customers change, pause, resume or cancel their subscription.

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Your customers want to change, pause, resume or cancel their subscription


Create a customer portal link that you can share with your customers (or embed in your product)

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Log into the Stripe dashboard
Press “Activate Link”
Check that the invoice settings are correct
Check the customer information settings are correct
If you sell B2B it’s a good idea to enable Tax IDs
Check if all the payment methods you want to support are activated
Optional: Enabled more payment methods by pressing “Manage”
Check Subscription Settings
Check “Pause subscriptions” if you want people to be able to pause without cancelling their subscription
Check “Switch plans” if you want people to be able to up and downgrade in the portal
Add the products that should show in the portal to up and downgrade
Check “Promotion codes” if you plan on offering promo codes for your product
Set a redirect URL to forward the customer back to your app when they’re done in the portal
Optional: If you need to report on sub-state level in the us also download the itemized export
Optional: Check to get an email when the export is done (if you have a lot it might take a while)
Press “Save changes”
Copy the Link to the portal and share it with your customer or embed it in your product
Drop the link into Outcomes
That’s it ✅


Please drop the link to the customer portal you’ve created from stripe here 👇
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