🤑 [Stripe] How to create a no-code SaaS pricing table

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Step-by-step guide showing how to create a no-code SaaS pricing table in Stripe.

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You want to create a pricing table for your SaaS without writing a lot of code


Create a pricing table in stripe and embed it in your website

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Get started

Log into the Stripe dashboard
Navigate to the pricing table settings in Stripe Pricing Tables

Prepare the products

Press Create Pricing Table
Add your first product
Add as many other products as you want (3 is standard)
Adjust the styles as needed
Highlight the product that you want to draw special attention to

Configure the Payment Settings

For each product that you added
Check “Collect Tax automatically” to make sure Stripe collects the info it needs to handle VAT
Check “Allow Promotion Codes” if you plan on handing out promo codes for early users
Check “Allow Tax IDs” if you sell B2B
Check “Collect Billing Address” if you want to make sure you get the billing info of the customer
Press Finish
Copy the code snippet
Embed it into your website or no-code builder
Drop the link to the pricing table into Outcomes
That’s it ✅


Please drop the link to your pricing table here, to edit it later It should look something like this: https://dashboard.stripe.com/pricing-tables/:id

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