🤑 [Stripe] How to create a no-code payment link for a one-time purchase

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Step-by-step guide showing how to create a no-code payment link for a one-time purchase in Stripe.

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You want to sell a digital item or other product that people are paying for once, without using code


Create a payment link in stripe and add your one-time purchase product to it

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Log into the Stripe dashboard
Navigate to payment links by
Pressing Payments
Pressing Payment links
or opening this link → Stripe Payment Links
Press New
Add your product
Or create one
Add a name
Optional: Add a description
Optional: Add an image
Set the right product tax category
Set a price
Check “Include tax in price”
Make sure one-time is selected
Optional: Let the user adjust the quantity
Leave collect tax automatically checked
Check “Collect the customer’s address”
Also Check delivery address if you’re selling a physical product
Open the “advanced options” dropdown
Check “Allow promotion codes”
Copy your link and send it out
Or use send the QR code
Drop the payment link into Outcomes
That’s it ✅


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