🀝 [Operations] How to find good Virtual Assistants

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Thoughts on how to find VAs that will help you create more leverage by taking over repetitive tasks.

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πŸ’‘Β What?

A procedure to find good
Virtual Assistant
s that understand and execute tasks well VAs can help you with:
  • Data Entry
  • Market research
  • Video editing and transcription
  • MVP legwork (in the beginning before you build your product)
  • Other administrative tasks

❓ Why?

Virtual assistants are a great way to reduce operational overhead and freeing up time to put into growing your company It also helps showing that the business doesn’t rely on you as the founder to run it

πŸ’ͺΒ How?


Think about how much you want to outsource
On a task basis (per task or hour)
Part time (20h / week)
Full time (40h/week)
Think about if you want
A solo VA (Best for ongoing, not incredibly time sensitive work)
A team of VAs (Best for business critical recurring work that need to be done fast)
Find a VA that fits your engagement criteria on one of the sources linked in πŸ› Β Resources & Tools


Evaluate the following factors by exchanging emails/messages and asking them a couple of basic interview questions (e.g Why did you become a VA? What can I do to make your job easier for you?)
Ability to understand instructions
Ability to ask good questions
Optional: For specialized work (e.g. video editing), ask for samples of previous work


Pick or create a SOP using
Base SOP
to test the process with the VA
Send them the task with a due date attached (Estimate from your past experience with the task + add some slack)
Check the results


If the work was performed well outsource more over time
If the work is subpar check if:
the problem lies with the instructions and expectations
the problem lies with the understanding or quality of work
If you’re unhappy go back to the Test step with another VA
If you’re happy with the result start outsourcing more and more tasks

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