🧱 [Acquisition] How to find a great SaaS for flipping

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Step-by-step process to calculate a find a great SaaS to flip and become a Serial Entrepreneur.

Extracted from the Getting Acquired by @agazdecki.

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You want to buy a SaaS and sell it later for more money


Use this simple process to figure out a SaaS that is both a great asset and a good fit for you. Research those 5 areas before making your first offer.

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Buying an existing SaaS can be a much simpler path to profit than building your own. Your goal is to find a product that is missing one piece that you or your team specialize in (marketing, brand, sales, product etc.)


List your strengths
Make sure that they are what the potential company is missing, once you bring your skill it will grow the company
No point in contributing something the product doesn’t need


Get ARR, Churn and other financial data
Project where the business is going
If growth is stalling find out why and if you know how the get it back up


how big the market is
what your competitors are doing
if there is a missing story that (if told) will make the company grow like crazy


Understand strengths and weaknesses of the product
Hire a software engineer if you can’t asses it yourself
Figure out how much effort maintenance and development of the tech are


Figure out who (if) you want to keep on
Persuade the key employees to stay
If the team is the problem you might want a clean slate

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