🧱 [Fundamentals] Base SOP

How to use 👇

Use this template is the basis for your own SOPs.

A good SOP should have on outline of:

  • The problem
  • The solution to the problem
  • Links to useful resources
  • A visual walkthrough (e.g. Loom)
  • Easy to understand steps
  • An outcome (optional)

For complex processes, it can also be helpful to include flowcharts (e.g. Miro) and known issues.

You can easily copy this to your own Notion and adapt it to your needs by pressing the button below 👇

Template 👇

⚡️ Problem

What are we trying to solve?

💡 Solution

How do you solve it?

🔗 Quick links

  • Link to helpful resource #1
  • Link to helpful resource #2

🎥 Walkthrough

Embed a visual walktrough with a Loom for example 👇

🏃‍♀️ Steps

Walk us through every step of the process, you can use screenshots from the walkthrough that you made
Step one
Step two
Step three

🏆 Outcomes

Upload the result of your checklist run

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