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Checklist to find early signs of toxic customers.

They can be a support burden or just straight annoying to deal with.

So it's better to spot them early.

Inspired by this article by @robwalling.

Find out more about Rob on his website.

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⚡️ Problem

You’re wondering if a customer will be a long-term support burden

💡 Solution

Monitor these warning signals and refer the customer to a competitor if necessary

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🏃‍♀️ Steps

It’s best to prevent the user from even becoming a customer so we have to listen for the following signs preventively
Monitor your customer’s behavior and check for the following early signs
Are they disrespectful or overly abrupt in their communication?
Are they asking for a discount without reason?
Are they reaching out through multiple channels or multiple times in short succession?
Do they have unrealistic expectations (e.g expecting responses within 10 minutes)
Do they ask multiple questions that can be answered on your landing page or help desk
Estimate the severity (1-5) of the sign and see how many you can find and add them to the worksheet
[Worksheet] Toxic Customer
If you the sum of the signs and severity are more than 5 consider to
Thank them and write that you don’t think your product is a good fit, offer an alternativ (e.g a competitor)

🏆 Outcomes

[Worksheet] Toxic Customer

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